Our full-time managing director and teacher ROB STEVENS, truly native Dutch, graduated in BS Education for Elementary and High School, major in Dutch Language and Social Science.  He did his Masters Degree in Mollerinstituut for "Dutch as a 2nd language". 


Some of his achievements in the Netherlands and the Philippines:

  •  He became an Assessor for the Official Dutch NT2-exams for 5 years in Netherlands.
  •  More than 25 year’s teaching experience in Dutch as a second language.
  •  He became manager at Da Vinci College in Dordrecht and supervised teachers in teaching Dutch Language for foreigners.
  •  He did a lot of seminars/trainings in Netherlands and abroad about different types of cultures.
  •  He started his career on a so-called Streekschool, with many foreign students from Turkey, Marocco and other parts of the world.
  •  He wrote some books/methods about Dutch language; the training method “ZESTIEN PLUS ” and he is a co-author of the well-known method “NIEUWE BUREN”.
  •  He is a RADIO reporter for the Dutch radio and reports about current affairs in the Philippines.
  •  In 2000 he was hired to run a project to teach Filipino nurses in the Philippines.


We are proud of our record of success in providing reliable Dutch language, translations and cultural orientation services to many individuals and corporations. Now the Philippines is his second home and truly with the heart for the Filipinos.


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